Why are the suits released on the 9th of every month?

When we decided to start this business one of the hurdles we needed to work through was how to get a custom suit that would typically cost $2000+ down to half that price. We found a manufacturer that would allow us to get the pricing we wanted if we placed the majority of the orders at the same time. We decided the 9th was the best day of the month to do this ;)



How much of each suit is donated to support in suiting disadvantaged men?

10% of the cost of each suit is donated to Los Angeles Suit Project Inc. This means we donate first, and view it as a cost just like materials, labor, and shipping - thus donating whether the business is profitable or not. 



Where are your materials sourced and your suits manufactured?

We use top quality Italian wools sourced from historic suppliers like Reda . The materials are sent to be manufactured at our studio in Hong Kong's luxury garment district of Tsim Sha Tsui. 


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